Meet Our Team - Our Radiologists

Macquarie Medical Imaging is a group of subspecialist Radiologist, Nuclear Medicine  and PET Physicians and Cardiologists. They are considered some of the most respected physicians in their field. This premium group of doctors are dedicated to producing accurate and timely medical imaging reports, in order to enhance the physician's level of patient care. Their range of expertise encompasses all relevant diagnostic and interventional sub-specialties, offering patients and health management clients convenient access to the latest and best in the field of outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic radiology. Our size and depth of training and clinical expertise allows us to match each of our patients' with the approriate imaging specialist.

Every patient is treated by an expert, and receives the very best care possible. The constant presence of our specialists allows for an unprecedented level of continuity of care for our patients and the ability to form long term relationships with our referrers, tailoring imaging studies to their preference. Macquarie Medical Imaging’s specialties span all aspects of radiology, employing the most up-to-date technology available.