MMI Staff and Office

About Us 

Macquarie University Hospital wanted to establish a world class medical hospital with the right balance of clinical expertise, innovation, academia and research. It set out provide a new combination of clinical care, medical research and advanced medical scholarship. It was a fulfillment of a vision to create a different type of hospital, where the best possible patient care is provided through the application of academic medicine. Macquarie University Hospital is a leading university hospital incorporating academic medicine and quality patient care.

When Alfred Health Solutions had the opportunity to establish a medical imaging practice providing service to the Macquarie University Hospital and The Macquarie University Clinic, we set out to establish a comprehensive medical imaging practice providing all imaging modalities available anywhere in the world.

Alfred Health Solutions established the Macquarie Medical Imaging practice as the most modern, comprehensive and virtual practice, capable of fulfilling our vision of a new vision for medical imaging. At Macquarie Medical Imaging we have installed the most state of the art equipment in each imaging discipline. We have united the most experience technical staff of Radiographers, Ultrasonographers Nuclear Medicine and PET technologists combined with expertise in sub-specialist radiology. At Macquarie Medical Imaging, we created an imaging practice which will rival the most prominent medical imaging centres in the world.